Be on the lookout for this sign when in Downtown Seatle <3

Be on the lookout for The Crumpet Shop, Downtown Seattle

When visiting Seattle, I really thought that seafood would be my favorite dining experience while visiting the Emerald City. I was wrong. The seafood was there, but it wasn’t a star in the kitchen the way I thought it would be. It felt more like an afterthought. “Oh… and we have seafood options.” Maybe I just need to explore beyond the tourist destinations? I’ll bookmark that thought if I’m ever in Washington again. HOWEVER, a place that I did find especially enjoyable and that I highly recommend to anyone visiting the Seattle area is The Crumpet Shop, Downtown Seattle.

Crumpet Menu

The Crumpet Shop, Downtown Seattle

The Crumpet Shop is located right outside the Pikes Place Market. The sign is prominent outside of the building, but it’s tucked away on the second level. A very small café with no more than 4 tables and a wooden bar to sit at. The menu is simple, they serve Crumpets. For anyone who really knows me, knows that London is my favorite city in the world, so obviously anyplace that has strictly crumpets and tea would have to be a MUST EAT. But that’s beside the point. Let’s get back on track with crumpets. The shop makes the crumpets fresh daily. If you are not familiar, a crumpet is similar to if an English muffin and a pancake had a baby. That’s a crumpet! And they are prepared to the tune of sweet or savory.

I opted for one of their signature crumpets. The Vermont Maple Butter with everything (which would be maple butter, cream cheese, honey and walnuts.) It was a little bite of heaven! It was the perfect combination of sweet. Nothing too overpowering, with just the right texture. The crumpet isn’t too bread-like and it pairs well with the smooth spread of the maple butter and cream cheese as well as the crunchy quality added by the walnuts.


The best crumpet ever. SO HEAVENLY!

This was one of my last stops on my last day in Seattle and I regret not stopping in sooner so I could have tried more than one. I definitely wouldn’t mind spending a morning or two drinking some tea and eating a crumpet in this appropriately Alice in Wonderland hole in the wall.

Crumpet Shop

The Crumpet Shop, Downtown Seattle.