Pedra do telegrofo!

Pedra do telegrafo!

Maybe you’ve seen this death defying pictures somewhere on your social media or other blog sites that you follow? Maybe you’ve thought, “OMG why are people so crazy? The likes aren’t worth it!” But what if I told you that the most dangerous part of these photos was the hike to get there… and also the dangers of losing your mind while waiting in line to get these pictures taken.


Alright. So Pedra Do Telegrafo is about a 30 – 40 minute drive outside of Copa Cabana. Now, the trick is knowing where in this tiny almost favela town, this mysterious rock is located. I will admit, I cheated a little bit. There was a local man with a motorcycle who informed me that he would take me and my friend on his motorcycle halfway up the mountain which would save us almost an hour and a half of uphill walking. Why would I accept a ride from a stranger? Well.. because my friend and I were not prepared and were not dressed nor equipped with the tools to go hiking. Aka.. proper shoes or water. So we took the ride up this bumpy mountainside then began to walk for another 40 minutes. I fell down a lot… got a lot of scratches… could hardly breathe and was insanely dehydrated by the time I got to the top but MAN!!! The view was phenomenal.

The view from the edge of Pedra do telegrofo.

The view from the edge of Pedra do telegrofo.

You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the view because there will probably be a 2 hour wait to take the picture you climbed the mountain for. Yup. A line. A line so long that the weather actually transitioned from clear and sunny to cloudy and rainy. But the experience is fun nonetheless. Seeing other tourists who have traveled far and wide to take goofy looking photos.

When the clouds rolled in

When the clouds rolled in

The final product is usually a million times worth it though. I will admit it gave my Facebook friends and MOM a serious shock. There will be people who know it’s all camera angles but, the photos will serve it’s purpose.

Just be careful on your way down the mountainside. It’s still a tough walk and the round trip excursion can be classified as your day’s workout. Also, be careful when walking around the town. It’s not necessarily tourist friendly if you catch my drift. But it’s fine, you’ll have your “Living on the ledge” pictures to keep you company.

The town I walked through after my hike to Pedra do telegrofo.

The town I walked through after my hike to Pedra do telegrafo.

This may have been one of the highlights of my trip if I do say so myself… aside from the Olympics of course.