RoadtripLiving in the United States means that many amazing destinations are within driving distance. For me, the downside is that I have a difficult time staying awake on lengthy drives. I am actually notorious for doing so. Recently though, the road trip to Colorado and the Four Corners became a possibility and I needed to stay awake for an 8 hour drive… each way. So… the sleeping beauty that I can be needed a plan to stay awake the whole time. Most of it was trial and error but below is a formula of what I realized works best for me.


Roadtrip SleepIt seems like common sense to get sleep before a road trip… but I figured I should add it to the list since I have been in a situation where I got NO SLEEP and completely hated life the whole time. So… get some sleep. Take a nap. Make sure you get sustainable shut eye. If you need to pull over and sleep…. do so!


Roadtrip FoodSnacks! Tons and tons of snacks. It not only keeps you fed but it entertains you. It forces you to multitask and stay more engaged while driving. For me personally, I discovered that hot cheetos are magic. They are crunchy and spicy. It’s hard to fall asleep if your mouth is on fire!


Roadtrip CaffeineI love coffee. I love caffeine. I tend to go crazy overboard when driving. I like to start with a coffee before I leave or as soon as I start driving and I tend to pick up an energy drink or two for every 3 hours. It seems excessive, but as I said, I fall asleep.


Roadtrip MusicWhatever you are listening to needs to be entertaining. Happy music makes for a happy driver. I spend plenty of time creating a playlist but if I’m feeling lazy, Disney movie music is a solid go to. I also occasionally enjoy listening to stand up comedy and audio books.


Roadtrip TimingAs they say, timing is everything. That goes for long distance driving. I find that for myself, leaving mid morning and driving into the mid afternoon OR leaving mid afternoon into early evening works best for me. There is definitely more traffic but those are the hours of the day when I am most alert.


Roadtrip FriendsHave a good friend with you! All the above does not compare to having a buddy with you while you drive. They are entertaining and keep you alert. It’s also a great time to bond and reconnect with them. Just make sure that the friend you choose isn’t a sleepy human. 😉

Roadtrip SafeI’m excited I have finally come up with a list for myself that actually works and I hope someone out there finds this interesting and helpful! Now I can’t wait until my next road trip. The possibilities are limitless now that I can keep my eyes open for hours on end. Where is your favorite road trip worthy destination? What is the longest you have driven?