During my San Diego weekend, I decided to pick up some more ornaments for my Trinket Tree. I really wanted something from the San Diego Zoo and finally chose this little guy! Isn’t he cute?

SD Trinket 2

He’s a wooden penguin! Penguins are my favorite animal so it was only fitting. He’s not a true ornament so I will need to hot glue gun some ribbon to his head. But I love him nonetheless.


SD Trinket

These were also some makeshift ornaments I picked up. They’re ceramic pieces with images of San Diego’s popular tourist attractions. It’s actually a salt & pepper shaker set that were on clearance at a souvenir shop in La Jolla. I figure I could use a needle to pull string through the holes and fashion them into ornaments as well. I only needed one, but since they were a set I’m considering making the second one a gift.