Seattle coffee

Starbucks in Pike Place, Seattle


Food Network. So many shows venture to Seattle and they make the food look amazing. I thoroughly enjoy seafood so I figured this would be my spot! Especially since I have been craving some really good seafood since New Orleans. I imagined if any place could top New Orleans, it would be another coastal city like Seattle. Since they’re known for so many fresh catches, I had high expectations. The combination of a desire for fresh seafood and Virgin America having a sale on their flights solidified my decision. My next destination was Seattle.

Highlight & Recap

Seattle is a great city to have a quick visit and still feel like you saw everything on your list. I was only in the actual city for about 40 hours (I spent about 12 of those hours sleeping) and I was still able to get everything done.

I participated in two different tours while in Seattle. The first was a Ride the Ducks Tour. A 90 minute excursion both on land and on sea! We ride through both the residential portion of Seattle as well as the downtown area and finally into Lake Union.The water was my favorite part because it offered a nice view of the Seattle skyline and you have the chance to look at some really sweet looking floating houses and boat houses.

Seattle Sky

Seattle in September – Skyline

Seattle Boat Houses

The tour guide had so much energy that everyone on board seemed to have a great time. It’s a quick and fun way to see the city and learn fun facts. Very touristy but worth it to get a good laugh. I think it’s even more enjoyable when with good company, like I was.

The other tour was an Underground Tour at night. A walking tour that takes place primarily in the Pioneer Square portion of Seattle. Seattle has burned down before and the tour goes underground to what was  once the original streets of Seattle. Very cool in concept, a little underwhelming in person. I learned some historical facts about how Seattle’s population was boosted due to an increase in prostitution, but that is honestly the majority of what I took away from the tour. I feel like I could have probably done without this tour. If faced with a do over, I would rather go to a museum or ride a ferry with the same amount of time.

Of course I had the chance to visit Pike Place Market! The sign in itself is very famous and I’ve heard good things about the marketplace. The market is lively and filled with cute little shops run by friendly locals. I even got to see the famous fish throwing!

Seattle Pike Sign

Pike’s Place Market, Seattle

Seattle Pike

The area in general was a little bit smaller than I imagined, but at least they had the necessity. A Starbucks. THE Starbucks to be exact. This is the location for the FIRST Starbucks! It is probably the busiest Starbucks ever. The line is constantly going out the door. It’s worth the time in line to say you ordered a coffee from the first Starbucks.

Seattle Starbucks

First Starbucks in Pike Place, Seattle

Just around the corner from Pikes Place is the location for Post Alley. Post Alley is almost an extension of the PIkes Place Market by pure proximity.

Seattle signs

It is also the home of the nastiest wall I have ever seen. The infamous Gum Wall! Seriously, who takes the time to do this?? It’s almost unbelievable how disgusting it looks. Even if you are a germaphobe I encourage you to go see it. You have to see it to believe it. Just be careful not to trip and fall into the wall.

Seattle gum 2

Gum Wall in Seattle

Seattle gum

Gum Wall in Seattle

Besides Pike, there is the iconic Space Needle. It offers a nice 360 degree view of the surrounding city and is a must do in Seattle. It’s not overwhelmingly crowded which is nice when that high up in the air with limited room on the viewing deck. As with any high building, it is a little bit on the cooler side and more wind than down below. Dress accordingly!

Seattle Space

Space Needle, Seattle

In my opinion, the real highlight of that area is the Dale Chihuly Garden and Glass. It’s an art experience that showcases the glass artwork of Dale Chihuly. Everything inside was so beautiful! Words can’t express how awesome it was.

Seattle dale 2

Dale Chihuly in Seattle

Everything felt like it was out of this world! Being from Las Vegas, I’m not a stranger to his work. His glass sculptures are within the Bellagio and in a gallery on the City Center campus on Las Vegas Blvd. However, what was on display in Seattle was something I have never seen before and on such a large scale.

Seattle dale 4

Dale Chihuly in Seattle

My two favorites were below: I call it the Boat and the Garden. The boat made me imagine being transported to a whimsical dream land. The garden was the dream land; where nothing is what is seems but everything is what is meant to be. Love it love it love it. Did I mention that I love it?

Seattle dale

Dale Chihuly in Seattle

Seattle dale 3

Dale Chihuly in Seattle

Standout Snacks 

Moving on from the sites to the food. Of course there was tons of food items consumed. The two stand out snacks would have to be geoduck and pie. Geoduck because let’s face it, it looks weird!

Seattle geoduckAlways featured on various cooking and food shows, ever since I saw it on Bizarre Foods, I’ve been determined to try it! It was served sashimi style. The consistency is similar to thinly cut calamari.

Seattle sashimiIt tastes like the sea. Not something I would go out of my way to order again, but definitely glad I tried it!

And pie because it came from a walk up pie window that’s open until about midnight.

Seattle pie bellAs if the Desserted Island Pie with berries and streusel wasn’t sweet enough; the best part is that it was right around the corner from the condo we were renting. All cities need to have walk up pie windows. How genius?!

Seattle pie

What no one told me

I had a feeling Seattle would be a lot like San Francisco. The weather is similar and the buildings looked like something you would see in the downtown portion of San Francisco. What I didn’t expect was that it would even have hills like San Francisco. Now, this wouldn’t have been so bad if we weren’t walking everywhere. I covered about 23 miles of walking in the 2.5 days I was there. No small feat when coming from the land of free parking. It’s a good thing I always bring comfortable shoes!

Also, no one prepared me for their airport. SeaTac sucks! I’ve been spoiled by the convenience of McCarran Airport. Where they make everything as convenient as possible for the guests. Multiple and multifunctional check in kiosks are readily available from all entrances. Also, there is more than one security check point so that the lines never get too long. None of these were options in SeaTac. The frustration I felt left a slightly bad taste for Seattle.

At the end of the trip my honest opinion is that I’m pleased I had the chance to go and experience Seattle and see firsthand what it had to offer. Although, I don’t believe I would ever go back for the purpose of a strictly Seattle visit. It didn’t leave a longing of I have to see more! Also, New Orleans has better seafood. I’m just sayin’! I wouldn’t mind stopping by for a day maybe in between visiting Oregon sometime or if I ever have the chance to go to Alaska, but a Seattle destination trip is out of the question for me. Given the chance to choose again between San Francisco and Seattle, I choose San Francisco.