I’m not much of a die hard beer drinker (I’m a Root Beer Lover), but while I was in New Orleans I tried a locally brewed beer called Abita. It’s a company located just 30 miles from New Orleans with a variety of different beers in their line up. My favorite being Abita Purple Haze. It was rather tasty and became one of my preferred drinks.

Now, flash forward from New Orleans to Old Town San Diego. They have a little store that sells jerky & root beer. I may not be into beers, but as mentioned, I do love root beer! When I drink soda, that’s my #1 choice! So you can see why this store was exciting.

While Browsing through their wide selection, what would be sitting on their shelves but this!!

Best Root Beer!

Root Beer Lover loves Abita Root Beer. Best Root Beer!

Abita! It was an Abita Root Beer. Can we say, instant purchase? It’s an old fashioned soda. Straight forward ingredients including spring water, herbs, vanilla and yucca (which creates foam). The kicker being that the sugar it’s sweetened with is pure Louisiana cane sugar. You really can’t beat a drink like this! If you see one, beer or especially a root beer, try it!