Similar to my previous post about street food in the Philippines, there is also of course street drinks that can be found all over the island! These were my favorite two that I had while I was on vacation.

Energy Drink

I love energy drinks, however, they are short supply in the Philippines. I was unable to locate the popular American brands that I am used to, such as Rockstar or Redbull, but I was able to find one. Sting!


It tasted more sugary than what I was used to, although it did the job just fine. But what is best about it is that it comes served in a plastic bag! Just like almost all soda products in the Philippines, they arrive in glass bottles that the store owners do not want to part with. So instead, they give the drink to you with a plastic bag and a straw.


This is how it was 9 years ago when I was last in the Philippines and it’s nice to see that this hasn’t changed.


Or a whole freaking coconut. Cut open right in front of you this is the best way to enjoy the trendy coconut water that is sold at a ridiculous price in stores across the United States. At the cost of about 50 pesos per coconut, you not only get the juice inside but the awesome coconut meat inside! The whole thing is really a meal in itself.


So remember when you are in the Philippines, to #1, get a drink in a bag and #2, geat a coconut the size of your head.


It takes two hands to hold up this coconut!

It takes two hands to hold up this coconut!

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