My favorite food (other than desserts) is a tamale… now an Old Town Tamale. It took me a few years to realize this was the epitome of delicious, but once I knew, I knew. Sad fact about a tamale being my #1 snack in life is that it’s not too common to come by a delicious one in Las Vegas. When I am able to locate a place that sells them or have time to dine at a Mexican restaurant in the city, they are usually only mediocre at best.

Since I was in the San Diego area we decided to check out Old Town San Diego! I was under the impression that it was the spot to go for Mexican food. The area itself is a nice tourist attraction with a variety of gimmicky shops and restaurants to choose from. It was a little bit of tourism overload for me that I didn’t find it too enjoyable. I was so underwhelmed that I didn’t even want to eat at a restaurant.

Yet, luck would have its own say about what I did and did not eat from Old Town. As I was walking out of the Bazaar Del Mundo, I noticed a little shop selling tamales! The price was only $3.00 per tamale and I could take it to go. Score! My favorite food and I didn’t have to stick around and look at any more costumed workers. I took my 6 tamales and scooted on out.

It wasn’t until the drive home that I began to eat one and had my tamale universe rocked. It was so delightful and tasty that I couldn’t believe it was the product of an impulse buy! As much as I disliked Old Town, I would go back specifically for some pork tamales! They’re not the most photogenic food on the planet, but just in case you wanted to know what it looked like. Here it is, my delicious Old Town Tamale!

SD Tamale