Lago at the Bellagio

Lago at the Bellagio

Lago, is one of the newest restaurants in Las Vegas by James Beard Award-winning Chef Julian Serrano and is located within the Bellagio. When given the chance to dine at Lago (and ultimately review it) who wouldn’t be thrilled?! Lago is an Italian restaurant with small plate options of meat and seafood, vegetarian, desserts and cocktails! Not only that, but it has arguably, one of the best views of the Bellagio Fountains.


Patio views from Lago at the Bellagio

Since Lago by Julian Serrano is all small plates, each plate is meant to be about 3 or 4 bites and the recommendation is that every person at the table order about 4 plates of food. However, if you have a large appetite, I would suggest to order 5 – 6 plates. The menu at Lago is large and diverse. I would venture to say that there is something for everyone. During an opening preview had the opportunity to try about 80% of the menu with my party, so I will fill you in on some of my favorites.

Crostini & Pizzette (Toasted Bread & Small Pizza)

Lago at the Bellagio

Lago at the Bellagio

Left to right: ‘NDUJA | spicy pork sausage | gorgonzola $10, MARGHERITA | tomato sauce | house made mozzarella | basil $14, BRUSCHETTA AL POMODORO | tomatoes | basil | garlic oil $7. If you only pick one bread item, my favorite was the Nduja. It was everything. Very flavorful. The texture and taste is very satisfying.

Pesce (Seafood)

In general, seafood is not one of the main items I like to order at a tapas style restaurant. But if YOU like seafood, these two are my main recommendations.


Seafood at Lago

BRANZINO LIVORNESE | capers | olives | tomatoes $16, which was excellent. The fish was light and the skin was just the right amount of crispy. I may put this second to Dover Sole (which is my favorite.)

The bottom is a seafood platter sample of the following: *CIOPPINO |white fish and clams, *TONNO | ahi tuna,*CAPASANTA | scallop, and *SALMONE | Skuna Bay salmon. The best one would be the salmon! The capers are always a good pairing.


No other word for it. No need for it’s specific classification. Just look for gnocchi on their menu. To the left, GNOCCHI ALLA ROMANA | flat semolina gnocchi | blue cheese $14. The gnocchi alone is heavenly but if you order the dish to the right, 7 & 7 | potato gnocchi | lobster knuckles | salsa di crostacei $19 you will be able to leave the restaurant happy. I would come back just for those dishes..


Carne (Meat)

Make sure you save room to try some of these meats! Left: POLPETTE DI CARNE | tomato braised beef meatballs $15            Top Right: SCALOPPINA DI VITELLO | veal piccata $20 Bottom Right: *BISTECCA | 1lb bone-in rib eye $50. I know the Bistecca seems a little pricey, but it can be shared easily with at least 3 – 4 people. More reason to order it, right?


Just like the gnocchi, the desserts need no introduction. EVERY SINGLE ONE of them were beyond amazing. As great as other dishes were, the desserts were still the best part in my opinion. 

The canolis (bottom left) and the gelato mousse (bottom left) were two of my absolute favorites. The tiramisu (upper left) is a classic and is above and beyond the level of average. Lastly, the chocolate hazelnut dome (upper left) is any nuttella addict’s dream come true. Don’t judge me, but yes, I ate them all.


All in all, Lago is a spectacular edition to the Bellagio. An addition that they needed, if I’m being honest. When you are done enjoying the food of Julian Serrano, be sure to step out to the patio and catch some of the Bellagio Fountain show. It’s a view that is hard to come by, so enjoy it!

I hope you enjoyed my review of Lago at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Leave a comment and let me know if you’e been to Lago and how you felt about it. Have a fabulous day!