While on my Yellowstone journey, it was a lot of chain restaurants and quick food. That, and of course my favorite road trip snacks ;). Dining at nice restaurants was not the prerogative of this trip. However, the two places that we did sit and dine in, turned out to be really delicious!

Buckaroo Bill’s Ice Cream Parlor & BBQ

On the way to Yellowstone, Matt kept saying how much he wanted ribs and if we saw a BBQ place, we were going. Sure enough, as we were walking through West Yellowstone, we located Buckaroo Bill’s. It was closed at the time, but we made a mental note to come back the next day.

When we finally dined, my two companions went straight for the ribs! That’s all they cared about, while I, on the other hand wanted bison meat. It would only make sense that it would be fairly fresh since there were just bison roaming the streets. I opted for a bison steak as opposed to a bison burger so I could really get a taste of it. (Burgers usually taste like burgers. More or less!)

and it comes with corn bread and tator tots? Say what!!

and it comes with corn bread and tator tots? Say what!!

It was cooked medium well and rather tasty if I do say so myself. It’s a leaner meat than beef and also higher in protein. I enjoyed the taste of it and even though it didn’t have fat marbling, it wasn’t chewy or tough. Overall, it fulfilled my bison meat craving! I was a happy hiker.

But just in case my experience wasn’t pleasant enough, they had ice cream. Not just any ice cream either! It was homemade, huckleberry ice cream. Huckleberry is apparently the state fruit of Idaho and grows everywhere in the Idaho and Wyoming area. They sell it in the form of jam, tea and infused honey at various gift shops. So having the chance to enjoy it in an ice cream gave me so much joy!

Ice Cream

The giant single scoop is simply served in a disposable bowl, the ice cream was rich and creamy and so delicious. This was the first time I tried anything huckleberry but I thought it was something I could get used to. If in the West Yellowstone area, visit them!


Pendl’s Bakery & Cafe

For breakfast on our last day we checked out a local bakery in Driggs, ID. It received 4 and a half stars on Yelp and seemed to be all the rage. It’s a little place called Pendls Bakery. It was just a 5 minute drive from the condo we were staying in and is probably one of the best bakeries that I have ever visited! Everything on their menu sounded out of this world and everything on display looked mouthwatering and excellent.


I opted to try their Sure Thing Coffee; which was coffee and a shot of espresso mixed with Mexican hot chocolate and whipped cream. The name suits it well. It’s a sure thing you’ll try it. How could I have even thought about trying anything else? For food we purchased: a bacon quiche, pumpkin chocolate chip loaf, raspberry Bavarian cheese Danish and a German chocolate brownie. There was not one disappointing item in the bunch. I love chocolate and coconut and the German chocolate brownie was a bite of heaven. With that put into the universe, the best out of everything listed still goes to the the bacon quiche. It was the perfect balance of bacon, cheese and crispy pastry. If I could eat that every day for breakfast, I could die an extremely happy, although probably overweight, person.


There wasn’t a line when our party of 6 arrived, but by the time we finished ordering they had a line clear out the door. It didn’t shock me how busy they were. With a friendly staff and amazing treats, it’s amazing they weren’t in a bigger location. They were for sure, one of the best things about staying in Driggs. So good that I would even consider staying in that city again, just to have this location be my go to breakfast spot. Now that’s saying something!