• San Francisco Trinket

    IMG_20150212_184146It was difficult to decide on a trinket to bring home from San Francisco since I’ve visited many times, so I really wanted something special. The answer came to me in a Chinatown gift shop. A cable car ornament!

    IMG_20150212_183918What could be better than the moving landmark that is the cable car. However, it’s not just any cable car…. It’s the Powell Hyde Cable car!
    It was my first cable car ride where I had the chance to hang off the side. It was like an urban roller-coaster that lead me to Lombard St. Just in time to catch the sunset.

    Sunset from the top of Lombard St.

    Sunset from the top of Lombard St.

    Definitely one of my more memorable experiences in the city that can now be remembered on my trinket tree.


  • Trinket Update: Yellowstone & Seattle

    I have a terrible habit of never fully unpacking. This probably stems from my hatred of packing, that I would rather STAY packed to prevent any future packing endeavors. However, I finally took the time to put everything in its proper place and while finally putting away my traveling bags I noticed the most recent trinkets that I have acquired.


    The first little gem was from my August adventure in Yellowstone! It was a very classic ornament, which I thought would be a nice change since most of my trinkets are a little out of the ordinary. I loved that it featured Old Faithful as well as already including the year.

    Simple ornament from Yellowstone

    Simple ornament from Yellowstone

    The other trinket was from my September voyage to Seattle. This is actually a coaster. I plan to drill a hole and put some ribbon on it to make it a lovely ornament. I really liked this picture especially since it is one of my favorite color schemes (black, white, grey and red) and the fact that it was a girl and guy huddled together under an umbrella with the Space Needle in the background. A nice romantic vibe to it. Can we say “awwwwwwww….” 🙂

    Seattle coaster that I will turn into an ornament

    Seattle coaster that I will turn into an ornament

  • Shake it Like a Christmas Ornament

    During my San Diego weekend, I decided to pick up some more ornaments for my Trinket Tree. I really wanted something from the San Diego Zoo and finally chose this little guy! Isn’t he cute?

    SD Trinket 2

    He’s a wooden penguin! Penguins are my favorite animal so it was only fitting. He’s not a true ornament so I will need to hot glue gun some ribbon to his head. But I love him nonetheless.


    SD Trinket

    These were also some makeshift ornaments I picked up. They’re ceramic pieces with images of San Diego’s popular tourist attractions. It’s actually a salt & pepper shaker set that were on clearance at a souvenir shop in La Jolla. I figure I could use a needle to pull string through the holes and fashion them into ornaments as well. I only needed one, but since they were a set I’m considering making the second one a gift.

  • Hiking Ornament

    After spending a weekend at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, I decided that it merited a new ornament for my trinket tree! There were many gift shops at the National Park with many ornaments to choose from. It was pretty difficult to decide because they were all so different. “Do I pick one with a picture of the canyon? Or maybe an ornament ball that as Native American writing on it? How about an ornament of a commonly found animal at the park?” These were all the thoughts I had when deciding. In the end, I decided to keep it simple and chose this!

    Christmas tree ornament from the Grand Canyon 2014

    Christmas tree ornament from the Grand Canyon 2014

    It was the only ornament I found that was made out of wood and I liked the simplicity. Just a girl and a boy out on a hike. That summed up my weekend pretty well! I felt that since I had many pictures of the canyon already that I didn’t need it on my ornament and since it already had “Grand Canyon National Park” etched  at the bottom, that I would never forget where I picked this up. I call this a good choice!

  • Fleur de lis

    The Fleur de lis can be found almost everywhere in New Orleans. I felt like it only made sense to incorporate the symbol in the Christmas Tree trinket collection that I’ve started for myself. The colors are also reminiscent of Mardis Gras.

    New Orleans - February 2014

    New Orleans – February 2014