Bryce Canyon 2

A lookout point near the entrance of Bryce Canyon

Back in early March, I had taken a day trip with some friends to Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah to hike Fairyland Loop. The drive from Las Vegas to Bryce Canyon is about 4 hours each way. Driving through Utah isn’t the worst thing ever, so it went fairly quickly. As is customary with my group of friends we stop off in St. George for gas and to eat at Chick-fil-A. There is no Chick-Fil-A in Las Vegas so I try to stop by whenever I can! They do say “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Actually, we also ate there on the drive back home later that evening, but that is neither here nor there for this post. 🙂

The Inspiration

We made the excursion to Bryce Canyon for one purpose: hiking. In an attempt to see more of the world, save money and be healthier, we decided that hiking more often was the perfect solution!

Bryce Canyon 5

Highlight and Recap

The trail we decided to hike is called Fairyland Loop. It’s an 8 mile long trek that took about 4 hours to complete. It was exhausting. It’s a good thing it was cloudy when I was there, otherwise I would have never completed the loop. There were so many steep hills throughout the whole loop that my calves were on fire by the time we finished and my legs chaffed from pant materials rubbing together. Physically, I wasn’t a very happy camper at some moments but it was definitely worth it! I’ve never been to a location with so many hoodoos (the name of the specific rock formations at Bryce Canyon).

Bryce Canyon 4

Hoodoos on the Fairyland Loop

The name Fairyland fit the trail very well seeing as it felt very surreal looking out at some viewpoints. There was still some snow on the ground on various parts of the loop and the mixture of the red and pink rocks, white snow and green trees, made for an excellent picture backdrop. It of course also makes for a good trip down memory lane with my friends.

Bryce Canyon 3

What no one told me

For those who don’t know, I was born in the Philippines and now currently reside in Las Vegas. With that being stated, I do not do well in the cold and I have no concept of seasons. As mentioned in the beginning of this post, we went in March. March in Las Vegas means a nice 70 degrees Fahrenheit on most days. March in Bryce Canyon means 40 degrees and snow. Of course I did look up the weather in advance, however, when you don’t know what 40 degrees really feels like, it’s very difficult to dress accordingly!

That's me! Walking along the trail.

That’s me! Walking along the trail.

My outfit consisted of two shirt layers, a sweater, leggings, jeans and gloves but it wasn’t enough. I should have brought one more jacket, a hat, and a change of socks. For future references, I should also wear tighter leggings to avoid chaffing when walking. Next time I will also wear hiking boots. I wore my regular pair of Nikes that did not fair too well in the snow. My feet got cold very quickly. Also another downside that a child from the desert didn’t think about was that snow + dirt = mud. There was so much mud! When the trail wasn’t beautiful, it’s because it was muddy. Maybe I should bring a walking stick to aid in my struggles?

That's Matt enjoying the hike.

That’s Matt enjoying the hike.

Overall, I think Bryce Canyon National Park is very beautiful and Fairyland Loop is completely worthwhile. I would make the drive again during a different time of year to experience it once more. It’s so nice to have various hiking options relatively close to a city like Las Vegas. They are always a welcome break from the daily madness and noise that can be Sin City.

Bryce Canyon

Some of the most interesting rock formations I’ve come across.