After all was said and done, I had a wonderful time in the Philippines and I will remember every aspect of my vacation fondly. No matter how much I wish I could bring everything home with me, at the end of the day, all I can bring home are my photographs and some snacks! Considering those are my two options, we already know I took many photographs… but I feel like I brought home that much more in snacks! I loved almost everything I tried and wanted to bring it all back with me! So what are these snacks? Let’s take a look! And if you are in the Philippines, make sure you try these snacks and feel free to bring back some extra for me too 😉

Philippine Snacks

Cornickles: Their version of corn nuts. Simple, delicious and addicting.Snack8 Lengua de Gato: Translates into tongue of the cat… but in reality, they are just sugar cookies! Super light, it’s easy to go through one container in one sitting if you aren’t paying attention. Snacks4Polvoron: A dessert made up of milk powder and sugar. It is commonly found in the US at Asian markets or Goldilock’s bakeries.Snacks10 Chocolate covered Polvoron: The more illusive counterpart of the polvoron. I have only been able to find these in the Philippines so far. Snacks5Peanuts: Because… why not? Snacks6 Nagaraya: Another peanut snack. This one is covered in a light chip shell and is usually flavored. Also addicting an very satisfying. It comes in a variety of flavors and has become my new favorite snack to sneak into movie theaters.Snacks7 Wine: usually made from othe wild fruits. It’s much sweeter than regular red wines. Not something I can imagine being served in a fine dining establishment, but still worth the try.Snacks8 Yema: a dessert made primarily of condensed milk and egg yolk. I love this sugary sweet. I can go through a whole bag in a day or two if I really wanted a cavity by the end of the week. It would be worth it though.Snacks9Hot Coco tablets: Chocolate is rare in the Philippines. This is their version of Hot Coco. Just add the tablets to milk and there you go. It’s the closest thing I found to an all chocolate item. Snacks11

Bonus: Korean Snacks

I had a layover in Korea on both legs of my trip. On my way home I had a good 3 hours to shop around the airport and found some awesome snack souvenirs! Best seaweed ever!! Handmade and seasoned with seasalt and seasame oil.I would fly back to Korea for this.Snacks3Liquid tea mixes. Lemon, green plum and pomegranate. Snacks2 Korean Hoho. I didn’t know what to expect but it literaly tastes just like a hoho.Snacks Variety bag of Korean snacks. Just as it sounds. Everything mostly resembled a fig newton hybrid with a rice cake. I feel like an anime character when I eat these.Snack5

I hope you have enjoyed my posts about my time spent in the Pacific! Thank you for letting me bring it to a full circle stop with the snacks I brought home. <3