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I’m sure you have heard it all before, “Travel changes you”. But guess what… IT DOES.

I know you have heard and have seen many posts about how travel changes you and you know what? Here’s another! You’re already here, so just deal with it ok? Thanks! Also, this post is serving as another fun outlet for me to post hilarious internet memes that give me a good chuckle. So here, I present to you, my 11 ways that travel changes you.


You know you that when you talk to someone who has been there and done that, you can’t help but think they are the coolest thing since air conditioning. That person can be you! Traveling the world changes you into a super cool and ultra interesting person. In another word, it makes you fabulous. There is something fascinating about an individual who travels. Where did I get this scarf? London. Where did I learn to cook this dessert? Philippines. Where did I get you that gift? Mexico… face it. It just sounds amaze.
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Travel changes you into a happier person. There are very few times outside of traveling when I am as happy as when I am indeed traveling. Traveling is exciting, it’s new and different. It adds nothing but joy and HAPPINESS to your life. It’s a gift that keeps on giving because even after you are safely at home, you can reflect on your memories and look at your pictures and guess what? It will make you happy. Also, from a personal perspective, even planning for travel makes me happy. 🙂Travel Meme2

Street Smarts

Travel may not change you into a well known economic analyst or the leading expert on the search for Atlantis (we’re looking for that right?) But it can give you real life lessons and change you into a street smart individual. Or in another way, it gives you functional intelligence. You learn how to properly socialize in unknown situations where you may not want to ruffle feathers. It teaches you how to exchange currencies and what the going rate is so you don’t get ripped off. Travel changes you into embracing learning a new language so you can get by without getting lost on their public transportation system and it teaches you to become aware of your surroundings.  It teaches you how to mentally deal with handling the unknown. All of these street smarts may seem like common sense, but you would be surprised how few people have it and how those who travel seem to have more of it.

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Traveling into the unknown, or just venturing outside of your comfort zone takes a certain amount of bravery and makes you a stronger person in the long run. Not all travel will go smoothly and it will test you when it all goes to hell. The end result being a stronger and more resilient you. Like the cliches on the internet say, you don’t know how strong you are until you have to be… and when you are hundreds of miles away from home with only yourself to rely on… you become very strong, very fast.

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Given the first few things I listed such as: cool, happy, street smart and strong… how could that not lead to you being more confident? The trials and joys of travel help you learn to hold your head up high. You have seen the world and made it back A-OK. You can handle whatever life hands you next and do it with a smile! Besides, you also now have that cool travel swagger to help you too.

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If you are at me like all… you love your friends and people in general. When possible, I enjoy doing activities with my loved ones. However, life will happen and you won’t be able to pack everyone into your carry on and take them with you on your adventures. Also, on the flip side, sometimes people may not want to go with you. Don’t let any of that stop you! Travel is enough a reason to become independent and do whatever you want! It also shows how much you can do when alone. It’s liberating.

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Become Present

Travel will change you to truly appreciate the moment. The beauty of travel is that it is not your day to day home. It means you never know when you will get to be in that exact moment experiencing those exact same feelings again. Embrace it. A good travel day, or bad, live in it and learn from it. Being present is a great skill to master and the more you do it while traveling, the more you will do it in your daily life and I believe, the more you will truly value everything your life has to offer!

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I appreciate every time I travel. No matter how often or what destination, I am so grateful to be able to do what I do. The more you let life WOW you, the more grateful for it you become. Also, when you are away from your daily comforts of home, you also learn to become grateful for what you have in daily life. And lastly, if given the opportunity to travel to a country not as wealthy as yours and when you see what the norm life is and how hard their struggle is, you learn to be so over the moon grateful to the circumstances at home. We all really have so much.

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Likeable is different from being cool. Likeable is the sum of everything listed above. Travel will change you to become more open minded and tolerant of different cultures and people which in the long run will make you a likeable human being. This not only helps your personal life, but your professional life since many employers also like well traveled individuals.

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Fall in Love

This doesn’t mean you will fall in love with a tall, dark stranger in Paris… although that is definitely a possibility. I mean you fall in love, period. You fall in love with places, foods, moments and most importantly life.

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Lastly, but definitely not least important is that travel changes you and gives you purpose. As stated above, travel changes you to fall in love which leads to you having a more defined purpose. Each purpose is of course different from everyone, but I assure you that travel will help you find it. For me, travel inspired my purpose for a travel blog, a purpose to learn everything about the world that I can and to give back to those less fortunate. My purpose changes a little bit here and there with every new experience I have, but I still find it amazing that I can even say I have one. Travel has made me less lost and that’s a change I welcome.

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