Many people buy their Christmas gifts from Amazon or their local retailer, but this year I’ve realized the best gifts come from travel. Actually, there are some things ONLY travel can give you this Christmas. The gifts are not only one of a kind but truly beautiful to behold. The list can go on forever, but let’s focus on 10 of the,.

10. Sense of Wonder

Every time I visit some place new, I don’t just check an item off my bucket list, it means I have room to add even more. The world never ceases to amaze me. Traveling shows you just how little you actually know and how much more there is to learn. Travel ensures you never become an expert in anything.


9. Problem Solving Skills

No trip goes completely as planned. Things happen, or things don’t happen. Either way, YOU NEED TO FIGURE IT OUT. You have no choice and in a way, that’s the best part. You are forced to learn and those problem solving skills are totally transferable in the rest of your life.

8. Tolerance & Understanding

When you travel, you are exposed to many new people, places and the cultures that go with it. Usually, no place is like home and it gives you a peak in to the rest of the world.. The more you travel the more open minded you become. When you are out in the world you are usually the outsider in a new place hoping the locals will tolerate and understand you, and the role reversal is something that stays with you when you return home.

7. Stronger Sense of Self

You need to know who you are when you are with people who know nothing about you. They can’t tell you who you are, it is up to you to decide who that person is. Traveling has made me personally so much stronger in spirit and mind. It’s also given me so much confidence because I know I can trust myself and I can do anything I put my mind to without the help of the crutches of my daily life and resources.

Getting ready for the Canyon Dream Tour!

Getting ready for the Canyon Dream Tour!

6. Stronger Bonds With Friends

As I just mentioned, traveling strengthens the relationship you have with yourself, but it also solidifies those with you y=travel companions. I think  my best friends are those I travel with. Those are the people who you know will stick with you through thick or thin, when plans don’t go your way. Travel gives you shared memories that will never go away.

5. A Break From Routine

Routine can get dull… fast. Travel is not routine. Even if you feel like you travel often and “do the same things in different places” my response to that is, do you really though? The answer is no. A break from routine can be such a breath of fresh air that can give life to your real life.

Street BBQ

4. Bragging Rights

Let’s be real for a moment. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE loves to tell people the cool places they’ve been, the sweet things they have done and how badass their life is. Trust me. I mean EVERYONE. You know what that is called? Bragging rights. You know what travel gives you in spades? Bragging rights. Paris? Yeah I’ve been there. The Grand Canyon? Like five times! London? I lived there. Beaches in the Philippines? Of course, I winter there. …. See what I mean? Pretty cool right?

3. Appreciation of Daily Necessities

If you ever explore outside of the USA (since that is where I live) you will realize how good you have it here. (In fairness, it’s pretty good in Europe too) but I mean to Southeast Asia… or South America… many of these places don’t have the luxuries that I have at home. Running water, a great bathroom, air conditioning or a heater. Things I took for granted once upon a time, I no longer do. You can often find me in the shower saying “Man, I love running hot water.”

2. Finding Happiness at Home

Seeing the world is amazing, but so is coming home. Every time I leave Las Vegas and find my way back, I think I love home a little more. I love it because it does not trap me. Travel has made me realize that although there is only one place on my address, I can be a citizen of the world. However, just like the saying goes, if you love something, set it free, If it comes back it is mean to be. Well I keep finding myself back in Las Vegas and travel has made me OK with calling it home.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

1. Inner Peace

Everything listed above, all combined gives me the greatest gift of all… inner peace. I am so happy and thankful for everything I am able to do and see in the world and experience at home. Travel has given me a chance to slowly ensure I don’t live with regrets and honestly, what is better than that?


Meditating on a Philippine Beach

Meditating on a Philippine Beach

Go forth! Travel and receives the best gifts that it has to offer you!